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Gary Hoffman
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      You can find the tutorial here.
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Carrie, if you go to the Tutorial site:

you will see a tutorial in the list called: Data X-change - sending Amsoft data to company websites.
This will show you a movie explaining how to use Data X-Change, and also show you some uses for it. 
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sorry - I misread your post.  If you click on 'File' from the main menu of Amsoft, DataXChange should be the 10th item in the list.  If it's not there, you would need to download the newest version of Amsoft.  This is an extremely new addition, so it is possible that it was not on your version.  I will e-mail you download instructions.

Carrie Lee
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I did, but what I am saying is when I go to my AmSoft software and click on "File" there is no "DataXChange" listed in my menu. The tutorial shows it in the list right below "Appointments" but in my software below "Appointments" I have "Agency Information". I don't have the Data Xchange option at all! Thats why I thought maybe there was an update I don't have? I would love to use this, it sure will save me a lot of time doing auto quotes!

Carrie Lee
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Thanks Wendy! You replied before I finished my prior post!

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