Dear Gary:

I just wanted to thank you and Wendy for your technical support earlier this week.  We experienced a minor glitch with the installation of our annual AMSOFT update.  Your response to our request for help was immediate,  thorough, and very professional.  You were able to resolve the problem without interruption to our ongoing business.

We've used the AMSOFT program for over ten years.  Prior to that,  we tried several competitive systems,  some of which were far more expensive than AMSOFT.  We've always found AMSOFT to be the ideal system for our needs.  It is easy to use,  very logical, and its features and capabilities more than meet our needs.  In short,  it is the perfect agency management system for small-to-medium  size agencies such as ours.

Again,  thanks very much for your product and for your excellent technical support.

Sincerely,  Jerry Spadoni, Crosby Victorville Insurance Agency,  Victorville, CA

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