Everyone wants to know which scanner works best.  Use this section to inform us how your scanner works.

It would be good if we could get the make, model and capabilities.

For example cannon mp830:

Multi function printer/scanner
speed about 10 pages a minute
Paper feed
duplex printing

What you like:
Easy to use

What you don't like.
Takes up space 

CANON DR-2010C.  15 to 20 pg per minute.  Duplexing, color.  It says a 50 sheet paper feeder (actually about 10 or 15).

Fast, quiet, software installs easily.  So far, very durable. Cost $410.74 in September of 2008.  I haven't checked, but it is probably $350 or less now.

Negative:  output tray is a little flimsy.  It will jam if you try to load the rated amout of sheets into the input tray.

Canon DR-2080C (no longer manufactured). 15 pg per minute.  Pick up one used if you can find it.  I moved it to my office after I purchased a new one for the CSR.  It has been going strong since December of 2004.  It cost a little over $700 new.   Probably would not work with Vista.

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