Are you using our scanning software?  It sure can make things easier.  In many cases it can save you money, as well.
How does it work?
Go to the insured you want to use.  Click on change.  At the bottom right of the screen you will see a scanning icon.  Clicking on this brings you to a list of documents for that particular account.  The most recent document will be displayed.  From here you can read, print or email any documents.  You can add documents by clicking on insert.
It really is pretty simple.
How do I save money?     
Well, it costs $300 dollars the first year.  So you need to save that and more.
A lot of time can be saved by eliminating filing & retrieving the file.  All your documents will be online.  You no longer have to file by name.  You can file by date scanned.  If you need a document you can print,fax of email it from Amsoft.  If you need an original will can tell you what date it was scanned and filed.
A number of agents tell us they receive policies in pdf attached to emails.  These policies can be from 25 pages to a hundred.  They usually print 2 copies, one for them one for the insured.  Think of the cost of the ink and paper.
Why not use Amsoft to acquire the policy from the email (No printing necessary).  It will attach it to your customer.  You could then email the policy to your customer (again no printing).  This should take less than 2 minutes.  Also, no postage.
How about using it for E&O protection.  You issue a certificate of insurance.  If you send it to the scanning it will be converted to a tiff file, which cannot be modified easily.
This also allows you to have all documents regarding your insured in on place.  You might have all email correspondence here along with all ACCORD forms issued.  Anything you can print can be sent here (without actually printing & scanning)
We do have a tutorial that shows how it works here..
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