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Gary Hoffman
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You know we have a prospect section.  Prospects should be entered here with a suspense date.

But what about prospects that you need to fill in ACORD forms for.  You could enter them in the prospect section.  Then enter all there information in the ACORD form.  Then when you write it re enter all the information in the client section.

Or for this type of prospect, enter the information in the client screen.  To indicate this client as a prospect start the account code with a asterisk (*).  For example *gahoff.  This will list all your prospects together.  This saves a lot of data entry.

The you can go to the accord section and import data into the ACORD forms.  When you write the policy remove the * from the account code & save the record.  This means all information will be in the correct location.

Other things you may want to do when entering a prospect into the client section make the binder date & expiration date today.  There is a field for prospect you might enter Yes there.

Hope this helps.

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