Amsoft is now ready for Windows 7.
We did have to make a few adjustments.  Not because of Windows 7, but because most new machines will be 64 bit, instead of 32 bit.
64 bit machines cannot use drivers built for 32 bit machines.
So, if you have printers & scanners on 32 bit machines,  these will have to be upgraded.
In our case, the tiff driver would not work.  This has been fixed, and everything looks good.
If you upgrade to windows 7 on a new machine you should do the following:
Install from you current cd. 
Then download from the web, save to your desktop and install the upgrade from there.  .
Have you had a chance to look at our forums?  We will also be posting each newsletter on the forum.  This way you can easily see if you've missed anything.  We are hoping that this can be a great resource for our agents.
Here is a link:  This link is also at the top of Amsoft.
 It would be great if you could take a look at them, and perhaps make some entries.
For example: maybe under scanning, mention how it is working in your agency.  Perhaps under the tiff driver, mention how you use it and some of the benefits.
Maybe something under accord forms: what you like or don't like.
There is also a section for suggestions.  Use this section to ask for things you need.
Finally there is a section happy user comments.  It would be great if you could post something there so agents evaluating Amsoft could see how the agents feel about it!
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