This is not a problem created by Amsoft but hitting most computers

*This information does not apply to Amsoft Cloud users



Our customers have recently experienced a rash of viral infections to their computer systems. These infections are happening in offices with strong, up-to-date antivirus applications. Until antivirus apps are able to instantly detect this new strain, users must exercise extreme caution to avoid TOTAL DATA LOSS.



THOR is a particularly insidious viral strain of LOCKY/DRIDEX



THOR is ransomware. It crawls through your local and networked computers, encrypting data files belonging to MS Office products, all common database products, photos, videos, and others. It infects over 100 file extensions, locking the files so that you cannot access them. The ransom is embedded in the virus, offering the encryption key for .5 bitcoin (about $250 at the time of this writing). Even worse, the vast majority of paid ransoms do not result in file recovery.



You can prevent data loss associated with this and other disasters in just two steps:

  1. Have a robust backup plan. Daily recurring backups, where at least the last three are stored securely, plus one for every first of the month. One easy way to do this is by using Carbonite on the server ($60/yr).

  2. DO NOT OPEN file attachments from unknown addresses. These viruses are being transmitted through email attachments with subject lines like, “Invoice.”: If you are using virus protection, make sure it’s scanning incoming emails.


Jamie Miller,  Elegant Engineering Tel# 386.383.3823
Using backup software may be the most important thing You can do with your computer.  You can use online backup systems like carbonite.  You can also use a portable hard drive with backup software like cobian backup which is free.  If you use gmail you can also backup to their drive and they will move the backup to the cloud.   The cost for more space with gmail is 1.99 a small price for the safety.

We suggest some combination of the above.
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