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In our forum we have added a section for interesting software.  We will be adding programs we think might be useful to an agent.  Many programs listed will be free.  You can go to the forum from the top of Amsoft.  You can also click on this link:
Have you gone paperless yet.  We have a great program, which  can be added to Amsoft.  You can attach documents directly to clients(most common), prospects. companies, producers and lien holders.  Documents on your computer can be attached without printing or scanning.  It works just great.
We have been working behind the scenes in Amsoft.  Windows 7 prefers files stored in certain locations.  We have been in the process of making our program compliant.  So if you purchase a windows 7 computer, you might want to download our most recent upgrade.  You can download from here:
If you have not been backing up your data on a regular basis, you can find online backup programs here:
One last item.  In a tough economy taking credit cards can be a great way to save a policy. We have partnered with a company which allows Amsoft to verify a credit card in seconds.  If you would like more information on this click here:
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