Hello All and happy new year.
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The beginning of the year is a great time to check on your backups.  Are they actually working.
We have told you about carbonite backup,  Some agencies are using it.  There is also a online backup from mozy. 
Mozy Offers a free backup of up to 2 gig's.
You can find them both on our website  http://www.amsoft.org
Remember just downloading these programs does not start them.  You must go to my computer & right mouse click on my computer.  Then right mouse click on your drive c, or the drive amsoft is on.  Then find either carbonite or mozy.  Then choose back this up.
When you run Amsoft or any program from your network, are you asked if you want to run it.  This is caused by Microsoft security.  We have entered the solution to this on our forum.
you can find the forum here.  http://amsoft.websitetoolbox.com/
Remember if you missed a news letter you can find them on our forum under news letters  http://amsoft.websitetoolbox.com/
If you are using our paperless solution, this is a good time to create a new folder for new images for this year.  If your not using it why not? 
Gary Hoffman
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