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Gary Hoffman
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Hello All!
We want to take a moment and wish all a great and healthy new year.
Use this link to see what's new in Amsoft:
One of the new items is a new certificate of insurance.
We also have a new tutorial showing how to use the tiff driver to add documents to an existing file:
If you are using our scanning option, the new year is a great time to create a new folder for this year's images.  Make sure the new folder is also in your backup.
One last thingBackups...  Make sure they are still working.
Every once in a while we run into an agent that has had a computer failure.  This could be from hardware failure or simply nature (things such as Fire, floods hurricanes or earthquakes).  We always feel badly when a user has one of these failures & looses all their data with no backup.  This means they must start from scratch.
So we suggest 2 different backups.  One should be local backup; maybe using a portable hard drive.  The other should be online.  The following link is to our website.  Look for the link to the carbonite online backup.  It runs about $50.00 a year.
Gary Hoffman

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