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Use this link to see what's new
One of the new capabilities is dataXchange.  This will help you in entering insured information in other windows programs or web sites.  We have created  a tutorial to further explain this.  There is also a tutorial for our new appointment calendar program.
You can find the tutorials here:   http://www.amsoft.org/Tutorials.htm
Did you know Amsoft can validate credit cards.  This link contains information on this.
Are there any agents interested in check by phone or fax.  This allows your insured to send you there checking information, which will allow you to make a deposit right away.
If you are interested send me an email garyh@amsoft.org.
If you are currently using such a service and our pleased with it, send me an email & let me know which service.  garyh@amsoft.org
We have added a forum to our website.  It can also be accessed from with in Amsoft.  We had a forum before but it was attached by spammers.  It is now protected from spammers.  Anyway, this is a good way to ask questions & others may learn from it.  You can find the forum here:  http://amsoft.websitetoolbox.com/
One last thingBackups
Every once in a while we run into an agent, that has had a computer failure.  This could be from hardware failure or nature.  Things such as (Fire, floods hurricanes or earthquakes.  We always feel bad when a user has one of these failures & looses all there data with no backup.  This means they must start from scratch.
So we suggest 2 different backups.  One should be local maybe using a portable hard drive.  The other should be online.  This link is to our website.  Look for the link to the carbonite online backup.  It runs about $50.00 a year.
Gary Hoffman
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