• Thanks A+ paperless driver

    Started by : Dear Gary Wendy, I can't explain how happy we are with your A+ Printer system, since we started using it about 6 months ago, I can seriously...

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  • Thanks

    Started by : Dear Gary: We just wanted to thank you again for the tremendous customer support you gave us recently. We encountered technical problems (some of...

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  • memebr for 18 years

    Started by : As an Amsoft member of over 18 years I can tell you that you and your staff are the tops in quality and true value Insurance software products in...

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  • I'm Happy

    Started by : I started with Amsoft in 2000 and have stayed with them ever since. Not only is the program great, the people are even better. I am not the best on...

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  • how to use this

    Started by : Post any user comments you like here.

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  • Thanks Amsoft

    Started by : I am very satisfied with AMSOFT. We are a Marine Insurance Wholesaler. We have a lot of markets and are constantly adding new sub-producers, so we...

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  • Thank You

    Started by : Dear Gary: I just wanted to thank you and Wendy for your technical support earlier this week. We experienced a minor glitch with the installation...

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  • Thnak You

    Started by : Gary: I have been a Amsoft user/subscriber since 1999. The software is excellent as well as the support received from Gary and staff. Gary...

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